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1. Futanari - girls with strap'ons but with a twist as the girls act out that they have actually grown a cock some how and are loving using their new member to the fullest.
2. Amateur Mask - Making the girl where a balaclava while they jizz all over it, weird but strangely hot looking facials if you can call it that.
3. Cream Puff Face - Trend started by teenage Japanase girls a couple years ago where they would slap a cream pie in each others face at school and i guess the Jap porn makers wanted to have a go too.
4. Lolicon - The clue is in the name, girls over 18 that look like Lolitas, not so CRAZY but just pretty naughty i guess. some of these girls are fucking tiny, i left some out cos it just looked too much like an underage but most of these girls are in their mid to late 20's. ( i can give links to every clip in this section showing the original vid and the girls porn bio etc. on request )
5. Tentacle - When the ladies house gets invaded by the Tentacle their is no escape, it brainwashes them and makes them fall in love with it, ensuing wild passionate sex with a load if slimey tentacles!
6. Insult Lotion - My favourite thing in Japanese porn, one day when i visit Japan, i dont care how must it costs me, i aint leaving till ive done this with a group of 3-4 girls

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